Also, we came across the info in many guides that you should pay special attention when choosing slots. Unfortunately, none of these guides go into depth. They just tell you that there are over 4000 different slots, and they pay out differently. How this can help you play strategically or be sold as a secret casino trick, we don’t know. It goes without saying that you should pay attention to which machines you play. Not only because you have favorite games, but also because not every machine is suitable for every strategy.

Bonus hunt & Co: You use our recommendations!

You can only play bonus hunts with machines that offer free spins. On jackpot slots you play a fixed number of spins every day. This is the only way you have a chance to become a millionaire with one try. And of course you should know, if a successor of a game comes out, if it has a better payout ratio or a different volatility. But that doesn’t directly exclude whether one of the two machines pays out better or worse. These are specifications that relate more to how often wins are spit out. And how high. But not whether you collect those winnings.

Understanding payout odds: not secret, but important!

Understanding payout odds

We recommend that you read up on the subject of payout odds. Because the definition of a payout ratio says the following: 96% payout ratio means that for all games played on this machine, 96% of the stakes go back to the players as winnings and 4% remain with the casino.

The 4% is used to pay operating costs and generate a profit. However, this does not mean that if you play a machine and bet €100 on it, you will surely get €96 back. This is because the payout ratio refers to all the games ever played on the machine.

Slots are like an online game running on a server

Slots are like an online game. The actual game runs on the servers of the game provider and you only see an input screen where the game is transmitted. This is exactly how slot machines work. There are different servers for slot machine versions in euros, US dollars or cryptocurrencies. But on the individual servers, all players who play the game then play on the same game.

That is, this payout ratio is divided between several 1000 players at the same time. So you don’t notice it clearly once a machine has been on the market for a while. At the same time, you can get a strategic advantage if you manage to play a machine in the first 30 minutes after its release. Because with luck, only a handful of players will be playing the machine worldwide. And then you will notice the payout ratio, in which you will collect high winnings.

Take breaks: Absolutely no secret casino trick, but a tip for responsible gaming!

Take breaks: Absolutely no secret casino trick, but a tip for responsible gaming!

Then many comparisons often recommend you that it is a secret casino trick to take regular breaks while playing. If you do not play with strategy and plan, but only with passion, you should do the same. Otherwise it can happen that he gets into a kind of gambling tunnel.

On the other hand, it’s just another trivial tip, like you shouldn’t overdo it with anything. We honestly don’t think that this secret casino trick will help you in any way. If you don’t have your gambling behavior under control, short breaks won’t help either. Then you have to stop gambling. And that’s for good.