You wanted tricks for slots? Here’s a little trick that maybe we shouldn’t explain, because it really affects many of today’s online slots. However, being transparent, it needs to be explained, because many players pick up on it. 

Well, nowadays most slots have multiple paylines, which is great, because it increases the probability of getting a lineup and its corresponding prize. But of course, those multiple lines don’t come for free. Your bet per spin is made up of what you bet on each of those lines. 

What is the downside of multiple lines? That, in general, the size of the freebies decreases with the multiplicity. Always speaking in general (please make sure of this aspect in the slot you want to play), in a slot with 10 active paylines, the prize is 10 times smaller than if you only had 1 active payline. 

And even more: even if you have 10 active lines, you do not win prizes “every other time”. When you do win, it is usually on 1 or 2 of those lines, rarely on 3 or more.  

What does this mean? Well, in reality, what you are betting on all those lines, in the long run is not as good for you as betting on a single line. 

In slots where the lines are fixed there is nothing to do, but if your favorite game allows you to choose the number of paylines, staying with only one increases the volatility of your bet, and the potential results. 



Many novice gamblers, or casual gamblers, prefer not to get complicated with strategies to win at slots, and opt for a constant betting system, or flat betting. 

This system has two good things: it is very simple, and it helps to control. Two good tricks for slots, no doubt! Basically, the idea is: 

Set budget limits, maximum playing time and expected winnings. 

Always bet the same amount until your budget runs out, your time runs out, or you reach the amount you want to win. 

What is the problem? Well, if you play with very low amounts, you will have very long and boring games, in which you can still lose. And if you win, it will not be anything that will remain in the hall of fame. But, on the other hand, if you play very high fixed amounts, you can get very good prizes and a lot of excitement… but usually your game will end in 20, 30 or 40 spins. 

In other games, such as roulette, flat or constant betting may be a reasonable conservative strategy. But it doesn’t seem like one of the best strategies for winning at slots. 



Since winning at slots with a flat betting strategy doesn’t seem like the most advisable thing in the world, even at PlayUZU, we have to look for an alternative. That alternative can be the Reverse Martingale. 

As you may already know if you have ever read about gambling betting strategies, the Martingale is a system that, while not fraudulent, is certainly harmful to the player: 

It consists of doubling the bet when you lose, so that when you win you get back what you lost. 

It sounds good, but the problem is that the wager scales very quickly and can bankrupt you before you win.

Even if you get lucky and manage to win and win back… you only get back the value of your initial bet. So much risk for so little reward!

If we don’t recommend Martingale for roulette exteriors, where you have almost a 50% chance of hitting on every spin, much less would we recommend it for slots, where you can go many spins without a single win! 

However, the so-called Reverse Martingale can be one of the best strategies to win in slot machines, either in PlayUZU or in any other casino. It consists of doing the opposite: instead of increasing the bet when you lose, you increase it when you win. 

  • You set a low initial bet and what you consider a sufficient prize to collect it.
  • You make your spins with the initial bet until you win a prize.
  • When you win, you bet the entire prize on the next spin (or half, if you get anxious).
  • If you lose, you go back to the initial bet. 
  • If you win and the prize is enough, you collect it and return to your initial bet. 
  • If you win and the prize is insufficient, you bet it all again (or half of it) until you lose it or win enough. 

Remember that you will not always be able to bet exactly the amount won, but it is not a problem: round up to the closest possible amount according to the game options. So, 4.2 stays at 4, while 6.9 goes up to 7.

With this system you can end up losing all your balance in the same way, but it is a strategy that teaches us how to win in the slot machines available in PlayUZU if you bet systematically. This way, you are statistically more likely to end up with substantial winnings than with flat bets, or betting wildly. 

However, if you are a high-roller with high initial bets, this system will not be practical for you, since the prizes (and subsequent bets) will escalate very fast and you will run into the slot’s betting limits.