That you adjust your bets, also recommend many. And this tip we can somehow let pass as a casino tip: we are talking about balance management. Simply put, there are formulas that tell you how much you can bet on table games or slots. These formulas take your total balance as a basis and calculate a percentage based on that.

If your balance increases, your bets will increase. If your balance decreases, you automatically bet less using the formula. This is a helpful tool to not gamble away your balance so quickly and to always know exactly what stakes you should work with. Whether it is a secret casino trick, we want to leave open. In any case, it is a useful strategic approach to avoid paying too high stakes when playing slots and your gambling.

There are several strategies that pass for secret casino tricks!

secret casino tricks

Now that we have evaluated which secret casino tricks you can find on the net and why we think that only a few of them really make sense, we would like to give you a short outlook on which secret casino tricks really work. That is, which strategies and tactics work.

On the one hand, of course, the bonus hunt. In the machines are fed with free spins to the free spins. Free spins are not paid out. Only when a certain number of free spins is reached, all free spins are paid out and the game starts all over again. Ideally, the free spins pay out more than bets were paid. At the same time, the strategy prevented you from playing just one spin too many. Often this strategy is suitable if you want to quickly fulfill the turnover requirements of a bonus.

Then there is the possibility to create calendar entries and play a new release in the morning hours. With luck, you will benefit from the payout rate and collect high winnings. New slots come out almost every day. And last but not least, you can also strategically use a doubling strategy on casino games like roulette or blackjack for small safe winnings. These are all strategies and tactics that are used by experienced players. Our editors also use them, and we can recommend them to you as secret casino tricks.