Slot machines are present in many (if not all) of the bars in Spain as well as in casinos and attract us with their lights and music. If you have ever played in one of these machines you will know that most of the time you go home without any prize so many people wonder if there is any trick to win in these gaming machines.

The truth is that winning at slot machines is not difficult, but for that you must know the right tricks. These we offer you below.

Slot machines are the ideal option for those people who go to the casino and do not want to bet or do not know how to play Blackjack for example. The bad thing is that as much as we believe that we are going to be lucky and get all the jackpot that they accumulate, that does not usually happen or not in a frequent way.

Before knowing how to win in the slot machines you have to know that these work with a mathematical system (RNG) through which numerical combinations between 1 and 64 are created from which few, very few, are winners. In fact, it has been proven that the probability of winning in a slot machine is apparently 1 out of more than 26,000, so a priori, there is nothing to do.

So how can I win in the slot machines? The truth is that it is complicated, if not impossible, to trick one of these machines to win a prize, but we can apply some expert tricks that work and that reduce almost to the minimum the probability mentioned above, let’s see what they are.

Learn how slot machines work

how slot machines work

All slot machines work in the same way. As we have said, they use random number generators to produce a random result after each turn of the lever. It doesn’t matter if you pull the lever or press the keys at the same time, the numbers generated are random, which means that the chances of winning are random.

How to set the bet

When you actually start playing slots, the best strategy is to choose the maximum bet possible.

The maximum bet increases your chances of winning large amounts and is also the only one that allows you to win a progressive jackpot.

Slot machines allow you to win the main jackpot only when you choose the maximum bet, if you want to win money, always play the maximum bet you can afford. Otherwise, you will never win enough.

Know the odds of winning

the odds of winning

We have mentioned them but apart from that, if you have been playing the same slot machine for a long time and you have noticed how often it awards a prize, you will be able to create your own accounts and understand when it is more likely to win.

Learn the winning percentage

Each slot machine is pre-programmed with a payback percentage. Most machines have a payback of 85% to 95%, which means that they pay 85% to 95% of what they win, so think about this: machines with a higher level of play have a higher level of payout.